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The idea of this page is to gather various links to WWW pages concerned with aroid genera and species. For now, it is in the state of permanent work in progress. Don't get fooled by the animated icon: this is a really slow progress.

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The Most Important Link:

Home page of the International Aroid Society.

Links to KK's pages with Araceae Species

Aroid closeups with Kodak DC-120

Starting from June, 1997, most of the photos on these pages were taken with a digital camera DC-120 from Kodak. A summary of the personal experiences with this camera has become a subject of a separate page.

Other People's Aroid Pages

Institutional Aroid Pages

Recent Additions to KK's Araceae Pages

Nov 21, 1997

Sept 13, 1997

Aug 30, 1997

Aug 10, 1997

July 10, 1997

July 9, 1997

June 21, 1997

June 13, 1997

Many additions. To reduce the time spent on the maintenance of these pages I have hacked up an Itcl script to generate and cross-link all my pages nearly fully automatically. Hence, plenty of additions.

April 20, 1997

April 19, 1997

April 18, 1997

March 23, 1997

March 21, 1997

March 20, 1997

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