Amorphophallus bulbifer inflorescence


This is a series of pictures of the same specimen, taken over the period of about six weeks, with a follow-up three months later. Sadly enough, in spring 1997, the tuber has been found rather badly decomposed but with an offset.

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At this point, the inflorescence has been emerging for about three weeks already.

Two weeks later, the spadix finally shows.

Another week gone, and the inflorescence is spreading a delightful fragrance, resembling the smell of dirty socks, liberally sprinkled with rancid limburger cheese (and then worn while hiking the entire Appalachian Trail without taking your shoes off). This lasted for about two-three days. The onset of the stench has been very rapid: at 7 am, it could be smelled only by sticking one's nose into the spathe. At 7:30, noticeable from several feet away. In the afternoon, and the next day, the vicinity has been enjoyed mostly by flies.

A week after the smelly phase, the inflorescence is quite pretty...

Three weeks after the smelly phase, the inflorescence is shriveled and dead.

Three months later, it seems that the plant intends to produce some seeds. Not much else has happened with it; about two months earlier it appeared that it was going to produce a leaf, but the emerging tip stopped at 1/2 inch above the surfacce and has not progressed since.

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All photos Copyright © 1996 Krzysztof Kozminski

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